Mobile friendly website will as much information about the UFO Hydrofoiling Dinghy as possible.

UFO Hydrofoiling Dinghy Web Page

  • The official UFO Class Wesite is This is not that website.
  • You have found the unofficial, noncommercial UFO dingy website for Regattas, Events, Fleets, Rules and other Documents, links to Articles, Social Media sites, Pictures and Video links.  The UFO, a 3.05m hydrofoiler designed by Steve and Dave Clark design team in 2016, is truely a paranormal design, as it is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding for many sailors. On this website UFO stands for either Universal Foiling One-design or Unidentified Foiling Object. We highly suggest that everyone check out the more authoritive and definitive websites for the UFO at or Fulcrum Speedworks LLC.    

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