"While the basic intent of a strict one-design is an immutable and non-negotiable fact of the UFO class, the exact details of the rules and bylaws governing the class are rightly to be determined by the fleet over a period of sober and deliberate discussion. As with design, good laws and regulations are never the product of a rushed job."


Fulcrum Speedworks Design Team:

  • Steve Clark (Chief Designer)
  • Dave Clark (Chief Developer, Co-Designer)
  • Ezra Smith (3D Modeling)
  • Nat Shaver (Chief Foil Designer)
  • Casey Brown (Structural Dngineer)
  • Tof Nicoll-Griffith (Sail Designer)

This space will be for links to drawings, parts lists, and other usefull stuff that perhaps people will see a need for. 

  FPS MKS other
LOA (hull) 10.0 ft 3,05 m 120"
LWL 8.75 ft 2,67 m 105"
Length w/ rudder & wand 12.00 ft 3.66 m 144"
Beam 5.58 ft 1,70 m 67"
Draft (roughly) 4.17 ft 1,27 m 50"
Draft (minimum foiling) 1.67 ft 0,51 m 20"
Weight (all up ready to sail) 110 lb 50,0 kg 7.9 stone
Weight (hull only) 69.4 lb 31,5 kg 5.0 stone
Sail Area 85 ft2 7,8 m2  
Mast Height on water 20.0 ft 6,10 m 240"
Dolly Width 6.75 ft 2,06 m 81"

UFO Foiler Keynote by Fulcrum Speedworks at Foiling Week Newport
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