Invasion Statistics
Sail/Hull Name Skipper Landing Site
2002 Gypsy Danger Dave Clark Brookline, MA, USA
0001 Unidentified Tom4FunOnly Germany
USA 3 Quisp Bill Heintz Bronx NY USA
4 Mississippi Space Shuttle tewtops1 TX, USA
Unidentified Squirt Charlie P Mayer Canyon Lake, TX, USA
5 Unidentified True North TX, USA
Unidentified Unidentified rawb Traverse Bay, MI, USA
UFO 007 Heart of Gold Luka Bartulovic Beaconsfield, QC, CAN
USA 008 Navin R. Johnson Christopher Rosow Southport, CT, USA
USA 009 Clap Back Peter Beardsley Brooklyn, NY, USA
USA 010 UFO 010 Connor Rosow Southport, CT, USA
36 Knockout Andy Camarda Chicago, IL, USA
Unidentified Unidentified Nicholas Burroughs Stanford, CT, USA
Unidentified Unidentified Bad Andy Chicago, IL, USA
Unidentified Unidentified Claire1000 Waco TX, USA
Unidentified Unidentified ezra RI, USA

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