A note about the following embedded Facebook videos:

These videos are offered as-is:  it seems dependent on your operating system, browser, and internet speed as to whether or not these videos will work.

Video sharing sites like YouTube allows the video sharing to anyone, and you can embed those videos too in websites very easily. While video sharing is very easy within Facebook, there is no such easy option to share videos with non Facebook users and mainly outside of Facebook.  This has a lot to do with the individual privacy settings of the Facebook user.
If you are a Facebook user, then you know that, it is a great source of photos and videos along with a social media.  There is always going to be non-adopters of Facebook and it’s easy to forget that not all of your friends may have accounts on the platform.  
So if you have a really awesome UFO video that you want to share with everyone and you don't have a YouTube channel of your own, I'm sure  Captain W Peachfuzz will be happy to post it.

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