Foiling UFO Sighting - 0:20 - David Clark - Aug 25, 2016
fly one at foiling week -

UFO Foiling Upwind and First Time Flight - 6:04 - David Clark, Nov 14, 2016
Good tacks, bad tack's, upwind foiling and Brig's first time flying.

Winter UFO Rip - 3:41- David Clark, Jan 19, 2017
UFO frostbiting in some cold wavy water -

Foiling - Chasing UFOs - 1:02 - David Clark, Oct 27, 2016
A brief film about the UFO Foiler, Photography: Billy Black, Music: Bishop Briggs- 'River'

Bristol UFO Foiling Demos - 2:26 - David Clark, Oct 11, 2016
Some footage taken during UFO demos in Bristol RI. Ride height set low in most footage to keep the training wheels close to the road.

Heavyweight UFO Foiling - 1:00 - David Clark, Oct 21, 2016
- Moderate wind - 225lb skipper - airborne and moving fast

All new, UFO foiling sailboats are available from Shoreline Sailboats of Western New York, official dealers of the UFO - summer 2017. Contact us at to try the awesome state-of-the-art foiler!

The Foiling UFO Arrives - 1:31 - David Clark, Jun 2, 2017
Footage from a day out with two factory fresh foiling UFOs. Foolishly, we passed up the chance to match race them and have our own Micro-Americas Cup 
#FoilingUFO #FoilingUFOSighting

UFO The Movie - 9:52 - David Bradly, Aug 20, 2017
David Clarke's foiling UFO sailboat. With friends in Cuttyhunk, aboard Little Wing

UFO on Canyon Lake First Video - 0:54 - by Charlie P Mayer, Sept 2, 2017
Launched the UFO and the S9 yesterday for some comparisons.  Still getting familiar with the UFO.
A word of caution:  the wand system has a tremendous leverage on the main foil actuating rod.  If you have the mainfoil clip deployed holding up the mainfoil, and you demonstrate to your friend how the mechanism works, you will poke the actuating rod through the mainfoil flap.  Yes, I get the first UFO Dumbass award!  Yea!
Mainsail raising:  lube up the track and the bolt rope, align everything, then get behind the boat to pull the halyard.  Much easier than standing under the mast.  I don't understand why - Dave mentioned something about mast compression.

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